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A Magyar közmédia lejárató kampánya miatt, melyet a Profil című osztrák hetilap újságírója ellen folytatott

AEJ protests against Hungarian TV humiliation of Austrian journalist
Vienna, 09 April 2021


Austrian journalist Franziska Tschinderle from the Vienna news magazine profil was pilloried on Hungarian TV after asking Euro-MP members of the Hungarian Fidesz delegation questions about which group they wanted to join after being thrown out of the centrist European People’s Party (EPP).


Instead of receiving an answer, she was pilloried for several minutes on Hungarian public television on the main evening news. She had asked "stupid questions" and "provoked" the MEPs of Hungary’s ruling party, the report said. Screenshots of her emails to the MPs were shown on screen.


International President Saia Tsaousidou, echoed protests of the AEJ’s Austrian section ( against this public humiliation contempt of a journalist simply doing her job.


Hungary’s government radio - apparently under pressure from prime minister Viktor Orban - wanted to deny Miss Tschinderle’s professionalism and damage her reputation. “ Orban is strangling all Hungary’s free media,” said the AEJ President. “The withdrawal of the broadcasting licence for Klubradio was his last outrage against opposition voices. Now he imagines he can close down foreign media as well. He can’t.”


The AEJ welcomes the swift reaction of Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg, who protested to his colleague in Budapest, Peter Szijjarto. about what he called “an unacceptable and totally disproportionate attack” on the Austrian journalist.